Ida and Hilarion were betrothed as infants to bring peace to two warring nations, but when the time comes to claim her hand, Hilarion hears that she has spurned mankind to run an all-female college!

Not to be deterred, Hilarion and friends sneak into her college disguised as women to win Ida’s hand, or risk war between the great nations!

A Comic Operetta by Gilbert and Sullivan
Directed by Kaleigh Richards
At the Pumphouse Theatre

April 26th to May 11th, 2019



Morpheus Theatre is pleased to provide an annual series of high-quality, affordable workshops geared towards community theatre volunteers for both on-stage, and off-stage aspects of production.

Apr 7 – Wealth, Worth & Wallet: Financial Literacy for Performers with Ray Mordon *only $30!

May 19 – Intro to Directors’ Process with Val Planche *NEW DATE*

June 8 – Masks Inside and Out with Steve Jarand


Every 18 months or so the Alberta Government grants Morpheus Theatre a license to hold a casino as a fundraiser!

These casinos bring in up to $70,000 or more for our use in putting on shows. This year we have been assigned Saturday June 22nd and Sunday June 23rd for our casino, which will be held at Cash Casino, 4040 Blackfoot Trail SE.

To make these casinos work we need to fill some 36-38 shifts – at roughly $2,000 per volunteer shift, this can be a great way to support Morpheus!

If you would like to volunteer for a shift or two, please sign up HERE!

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