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The Pirates of Penzance - Spring 2014

The Pirates of Penzance > > > April 18 to May 3, 2014

A Comic Operette by W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan

With catlike, no, more like: with joyful proclamation and patter, we proudly announce: The pirates are coming! The pirates are coming! A favourite of Gilbert and Suilivan enthusiasts, The Pirates of Penzance is a wonderful romp through such favourites as “Oh, Better Far to Live and Die”, “How Beautifully Blue the Sky” and of course, “I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General”.

Directed by Tim Elliott & Mike Johnson, this clever classic tells the story of Frederick, who is freed from his apprenticeship to a rather merry gang of pirates on the occasion of his 21st birthday. When he meets Mabel, he falls head over heels in love only to have his happy hopes dashed by the discovery that he is only five years old, since he was born February 29th in a leap year. All kinds of tomfoolery unfurls as we meet the colourful cast of characters and watch poor Frederick grapple with the bonds of love, duty and a most convenient paradox.

Oh, Better book early and join us for this adventure on the high seas of music and laughter. And we mustn’t forget, Rapture!

MAJOR-GENERAL STANLEY: (Male, baritone - Bflat2 to F4) Comic role. Far braver and much more gallant in his own mind than he is in life. Some movement. (He's not much of a dancer, either, though he might argue that).
THE PIRATE KING: (Male, baritone - D3 to F4) Full of bravado, he talks a great story, but is really very soft hearted where pirate victims are concerned. Especially orphan victims. Dance required.
SAMUEL: (Male) his Lieutenant.
FREDERIC: (Male, tenor - D3 to Bflat4) 21 year old (or able to ply such) hero of the opera. He is constantly guided by his sense of duty. Some dance required.
SERGEANT OF POLICE: (Male, bass-baritone - G2 to E4) This is a brave man, though he would rather not have the bravery tested, who leads a band of not so brave police.
MABEL: (Female, soprano - C4 to Dflat6) Frederick's introduction to femininity, and the girl he intends to marry. Dancing required.
EDITH: (Female) General Stanley's Daughter.
KATE: (Female) General Stanley's Daughter.
ISABEL: (Female) General Stanley's Daughter.
RUTH: (Female, mezzo-soprano - G3 to F5) Frederick's nurse, and only female with whom he has had contact over the years. Would like to have Frederick for herself. Some dance.
Chorus of pirates, police, wards of the Major General. There are several small parts that will be drawn from the chorus.

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Production Crew

Musical Director
Musical Dir/Accompanist
Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Set Design & Construction
Properties & Set Decoration
Properties Assistant
Costume Design
Hair & Make-up Designer
Lighting Design
Lighting Operator
Running Crew

Caren Johnson
Tim Elliott
Mike Johnson
Winnifred Hume
Ian Robertson
Jocelyn Hoover Leiver
Ginette Simonot
Barb MacBeath
Beth Balshaw
Bill Brown
Kristine Astop
Margaret Harper
Phaedra Vandenbrun
Kersti Ojamma
Andrew Simon
Trevor Somers
Jim Balshaw


Major-General Stanley
The Pirate King
Sergeant of Police

Dave Burhoe
Dennis Daly
Kyle Gould
Mike Jarzecki
Kurt Markuson
Ryan Patterson
Derek Ross
Vittorio Salvatore
Roy Styan
Ed Washington

Allen Crowley
James Noonan
Murray Melnychuk
Carey Unger
Dale Hirlehey
Winnifred Hume
Ginette Simonot
Jennifer Michaud

Tracy Smith

Wards (Maidens)
Angelique Arhinful
Amy Barrett
Amanda Burch
Carleigh Cartmell
Darcie Howe
Laura Jones
Michelle LeBlanc
Niki Middleton
Jane Phillips Taylor
Kaleigh Richards
Taylor Robertson
Paige Underhill

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