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The Sorcerer > > > March 25 - April 9, 2011

An Operetta by Gilbert & Sullivan

Alexis and Aline are in love and want everyone in Ploverleigh to feel the joy that they do, and are not above using a little magic to see that it happens. The sorcerer mixes up a love potion which is served at the betrothal party. When the villagers regain consciousness they find that they are indeed, all as in love as Alexis and Aline Ė but not with whom they expected! As Alexis and Aline try to set right the problems they have caused, they only manage to make matters worse.

Sir Marmaduke Pointdextre: (M - Baritone) An elderly baronet (approx 40-60 yrs old)
Alexis: (M - Tenor) his son (early twenties)
Lady Sangazure: (F - Mezzo Soprano) a lady of ancient lineage (approx 40-60 yrs old)
Aline: (F - Soprano) her daughter (early twenties)
Doctor Daly: (M - Baritone) vicar of Ploverleigh (early to mid 30ís)
John Wellington Wells: (M - Baritone) of JWWells & Co., Family Sorcerers (flexible, though likely older)
Mrs. Partlet: (F - Mezzo Soprano) a pew opener (approx 40-60 yrs old)
Constance: (F - Soprano) her daughter (early twenties)
Chorus representing the townsfolk of Ploverleigh, so all ages and types are encouraged to try out

A good resource for G&S material, including words, music and mid files is:
Gilbert & Sullivan Archive

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Production Crew

Musical Director
Orchestra Conductor
Stage Manager
Asst Stage Manager
Asst Stage Manager
Set Design/Construction
Lighting Design
Asst Lighting Designer Costume Design
Hair & Make-up Design
Lighting Operator
Running Crew
Running Crew
Running Crew

Lynda Elliott
Tim Elliott
Naomi Williams
Karen Iwanski
Doug Zacharias
Darren Pawlik
Vanessa Oakley
Pat Turner
Cameron Lugg
Bill Brown
Paul Hilton
Alan Weller
Phaedra Vandenbrun
Cat Bentley
Mary Ann Tenove
Trevor Somers
Faith Casement
MaryLou Pacione
Sydney Switzer


Sir Marmaduke Pointdexter
Alexis Pointdexter
Doctor Daly
John Wellington Wells
Lady Annabella Sangazure
Aline Sangazure
Mrs. Zorah Partlet
Constance Partlet

Derek Ross
Ryan Boucher
Graham Wrightson
Allen Crowley
Lynn Rowley
Rachel Brager Goldenberg
Tracy Smith
Caitlin Karpetz
Bill Ouellet

Chorus of Villagers

Richard Adams
Colette Belanger
Emily Bontje
Deborah Chung
Liz Cutting
Dennis Daly
Dorie Dassios
Coltan Duane
Rachel Erickson
Jarrett Fawdry
Maria Fernandez
Angela Frankowski

Greg Gescha
Emlyn Jessop
Danny Li
Kurt Markuson
Christine Reynolds
Cameron Ross
David Schnetkamp
Carol Sun
Don Sylvestre
Elaine Torrie
Mada Wentzel
Randy Young


French Horn

Doug Zacharias
Darren Pawlik
Megan Falk
Raurie McKenzie
Carissa Willis
Lisa Graham
Joanne Sampson
Vikky Poppe
Kevin Waites
Kendra Hamilton
Rob Eberhardt
Clint Loor
David Ramsey

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