Jumpin’ June Bugs! Summer is a Swarm of Activity!

There’s an inside joke at Morpheus that we’ll get all our extra things done in the summer “when it’s not busy”.  Or people ask me aren’t I glad that I can relax now that we are in the theatre “off-season”?  To which I, the Operations Manager, usually fly off the handle and reply with a litany of things going on in the Summer months when it’s “not busy”.

Check out what’s going on first in our “off-season”

June 4 – Directing Workshop: From good to Great with Simon Mallett

June 13, 14, 15 – AUDITIONS for Run for your Wife (more information coming soon!)

June 18 – Technique for Stage Speech Workshop with Jane MacFarlane

June 19 – Morpheus G&S Singers Free Concert

June 26 – Annual Appreciation BBQ


Season tickets are on sale, and our early bird pricing lasts until June 30th! Information on our shows & packages HERE