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Cocktails at Pam's - Winter 2014

Cocktails at Pam's > > > January 24 to February 8, 2014

A Comedy by Stewart Lemoine

Being the perfect hostess is not easy. Just ask Pam. It’s a fine art of pearls and gowns, repartee and knowing the difference between the maid and the cook. So when the cocktail party she is hosting descends into an evening of too many flowers, green drinks, a divorcée declaring the evils of green peppers and...charades, well it’s not really going as smoothly as Pam might wish.

We, on the other hand, think it’s absurdly charming and a lovely addition to our 2013-2014 season. Delightfully quirky, this comedy by Canadian Playwright Stewart Lemoine and directed by Alice Nelson, is sure to warm you up with some laughter; or as our hostess would exclaim, “Mirth! Mirth!” Join us in January & February as we host Cocktails at Pam’s and remember, we never act on Mondays but there are plenty of other days to choose from. Book your tickets soon, pull out the jacket or the little black dress and be ye blithe, we’re always happy to see our guests.

Pam Cochrane: (Female, 30-40) High-strung, perfect hostess.
Julius Cochrane: (Male, 30-40) Pam’s dutiful, witty husband and cocktail experimentalist.
Rita: (Female, 20-25) Panicky, incompetent young maid.
Cynthia Dallas: (Female, 18-25) Lovely ingénue actress.
Leon Bandelier: (Male, 30-40) Pam’s playful, flirty brother.
Sara Black: (Female, 30-40) Imposing, intense socialite snob and Pam’s best friend.
Virgil Black: (Male, 30-40) Sara’s husband and also an imposing, intense socialite snob.
Dr. Max Powell: (Male, 35-45) Earnest and logical internal organ doctor.
Denise Powell: (Female, 35-45) Simple and buoyant wife to Max.
Lily Johnson: (Female, 25-35) Self-conscious, nerdy and recently single.
Estelle Washington: (Female, 30-40) Temperamental divorcée.

Performances at the Pumphouse Theatre

Production Crew

Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Set Construction
Properties & Set Decoration
Lighting Design
Costume Design
Assistant Costume Design
Hair & Make-up Designer

Tim Elliott
Alex Ruelle
Alice Nelson
Trish Befus
Carissa Thomas
Bill Brown
Sharon Olsen
Brenda Spénard
Tracey Graham
Christina Harvey
Cat Bentley


Pam Cochrane
Julius Cochrane
Cynthia Dallas
Leon Bandelier
Sara Black
Virgil Black
Dr. Max Powell
Denise Powell
Lily Johnson
Estelle Washington

Erin Millar
Duane Jones
Charlotte Nixon
Malina Jensen
Tanner d'Esterre
Arlene Orchard
Alan Johnson
Sean Anderson
Michelle Brandenburg
Kaleigh Richards
Jennifer Lynn Bain

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