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HMS Pinafore - March/April 2012

HMS Pinafore > > > March 30 - April 14, 2012

A Comic Operetta by Gilbert & Sullivan

So give three cheers and one cheer more – it’s time once again for Pinafore! Sir Joseph Porter will arrive in Calgary in the spring of 2012, and so will his sisters, and his cousins, and his aunts. One of the most beloved comic operettas Gilbert and Sullivan created, HMS Pinafore tells the tale of Josephine: who is the captain’s daughter, who is to be married to Sir Joseph Porter, but is in love with a British Tar, one Ralph Rackstraw – hilarity and silliness ensue in this nautical romp. Oh Rapture!! All in good fun, no institution is safe from the lighthearted pokes of this favourite musical. Join us this spring for declarations of love and the complexities of class systems – bring your sisters and your cousins and your aunts!

*This Production is fun for all ages.

The Pinafore is anchored in the harbor at Portsmouth. Its proud sailors are busy scrubbing the decks for the expected arrival of Sir Joseph Porter, K.C.B., Britain's First Lord of the Admiralty. "Little" Buttercup, a bumboat woman who is "red and round and rosy" comes aboard to sell to the sailors her stock of "snuff and tobaccy and excellent jacky," and other luxuries. A handsome and accomplished sailor, Ralph, is in love with the Captain's daughter, Josephine. Josephine in turn is sought in marriage by Sir Joseph, but it seems that she has no enthusiasm for a union with that cabinet minister--secretly, she is in love with a lowly sailor: Ralph. It also seems that Little Buttercup has a romantic interest in the Captain and harbors a secret.

Ralph finds Josephine alone on deck and declares his love for her and his willingness to try to fit in with middle-class society. She rejects his proffered love, although his simple eloquence goes to her heart. She is a dutiful daughter and cannot forget the disparity in their ranks. But when Ralph threatens suicide, the lady relents and declares her love for him. With the crew and the sisters, cousins and aunts assisting, the lovers plot to elope that very night. Dick Deadeye warns the pair of the impropriety of their plan, but he is forced to retreat.

In the second act, in true G&S form, everything seems to go wrong, and the world is turned topsy turvy, only to be righted when Buttercup reveals her secret.

Rt. Hon. Sir Joseph Porter, KGB: (M - 45+) E - low a, First Lord of the Admiralty, a slightly older gentleman promised the hand of the Captain's daughter.
Captain Corcoran: (M - 30+) high f# (optional high a) - low a, Commanding "H.M.S. Pinafore".
Ralph Rackstraw: (M - 30+) high B - c, able seaman who is in love with the Captain's daughter.
Dick Deadeye: (M - 40+) f - low g, able seaman.
Josephine: (F - 18 to 25 ish) high B (optional high C), daughter of Captain Corcoran.
Buttercup: (F - 30+) high e - low g, a bumboat woman.
Cousin Hebe: (F - 30+) high e - low a, a cousin of Sir Joseph Porter.
Bosun: (M) f - low a, a member of the Pinafore.
Carpenter: (M) e - low e, a member of the Pinafore.

Along with these we are looking for a chorus of men (the sailors of the HMS Pinafore) and a chorus of women (the sisters and cousins and aunts of Sir Joseph Porter KCB).

A good resource for G&S material, including words, music and mid files is:
Gilbert & Sullivan Archive

The Readthrough is currently scheduled for December 4th. Rehearsals will start on January 3, 2012 and run every Tuesday, Thursday evening and Sunday afternoon.

Performances are March 30 - April 14, 2012 at the Pumphouse Theatre
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Production Crew

Musical Director
Stage Manager
Orchestral Conductor
Assistant Stage Manager
Apprentice Stage Manager
Set Design
Lighting Design
Costume Design
Hair & Make-up Design
Lighting Operator
Running Crew

Tim Elliott
Dawn Darsi
Graham Wrightson
Karen Iwanski
Caren Johnson
Joanne Sampson
Dean Caplan
Meredith Letain
Ryan Nolin
Marnie Patrick-Roberts
Simonne Crowley
Bill Brown
Alan Weller
Jackie Gelfand
Cat Bentley
Margaret Harper
Beth Balshaw
Jim Balshaw


Rt Hon Sir Joseph Porter
Captain Corcoran
Ralph Rackstraw
Dick Deadeye
Cousin Hebe

Dennis Daly
Kurt Markuson
Bill Ouellet
Eric Pettifor
David Schnetkamp
Don Sylvestre
Chris Willott
Graham Wrightson
David Young

Mike Johnson
Allen Crowley
Carey Unger
Ryan Patterson
Joni Unger
Lynn Rowley
Krista Willott
Derek Ross
Kevin Milner

Sisters, Cousins & Aunts
Cynthia Anderson
Taylor Bell
Sydnee Heim
Rhonda Mottle
Christine Reynolds
Tracy Smith
Jane Phillips Taylor
Diana Venzi
Cecilia Woodard
Dorie Wrightson

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