A comedy by Ken Ludwig
Directed by Mike Johnson
Performances at the Pumphouse Theatre – September 22nd to 30th, 2017

What goes up must come down. It’s true of all things in this world, including the roller coaster that is show biz fame and fortune. George and Charlotte Hay are at a low point in their ride, running two shows in rep and losing parts to rivals. But then – hold the curtain, folks – they hear that Frank Capra is coming to their matinee and if he likes what he sees, it could mean a movie deal and a trip back up the star-studded rails and into to the spotlight once again! It’s the chance of a lifetime! Everything has to be perfect! So naturally, everything goes completely wrong. How could it not when you have a desperate and dramatic couple, several doors, the well-meaning, but clueless fiancé of George and Charlotte’s daughter, and a somewhat deaf stage manager who happens to also be George’s mother-in-law? It’s farce, pure and simple, lively and hilarious and we hope you’ll join us for the ride.


George Hay (Male, 50s)
Very dramatic, a slapstick type, over-the-top actor Must be able to do strong physical comedy, including pratfalls, running, stage combat (fencing), etc.

Charlotte Hay (Female, 50s)
She helps to run the acting troupe and plays all the leads even those for which she is a bit too old. Must be able to do an upper-class British accent.

Ethel (Female, 70s)
Charlotte’s mother. Grumpy, trouble-maker, hard of hearing, leading to comic misunderstandings. Should have huge stage presence and strong comedic skills.

Rosalind “Roz” Hay (Female, 20-30 years old)
George and Charlotte’s daughter, used to be an actress and a member of their acting troupe, but she decided that she wanted a real career, so she left – determined never to act again – or be like her parents. Must be able to do an upper-class British accent.

Eileen (Female, early 20s)
Is an aspiring actress, eager to please. She has a crush on George and has been having a fling with him.

Howard (Male, late 20s-early 30s)
A weatherman and Rosalind’s fiancé. He comes across as a wimp, a little annoying, nervous, and very excitable. Must be able to do strong physical comedy.

Paul (Male, late 20s-early 30s)
Is a member of the acting troupe, who used to be with Rosalind and still loves her and wants her back; but he is an actor first and foremost, so he wouldn’t leave the troupe to be with her. Must be able to do strong physical comedy

Richard (Male, 50s)
He is George and Charlotte’s attorney, but he is in love with Charlotte – always trying to get her to leave George. He is wealthy and used to getting what he wants, and he is both amused and perplexed by the Hay family.

Audition Requirements:

  • A comedic monologue (approximately two minutes)
  • A cold read may be requested
  • Please bring your resume and headshot to the audition

Open auditions for all roles will take place:

  • Monday June 26th (7:00 to 9:30pm)
  • Tuesday June 27th (7:00 to 9:30pm)
  • Wednesday June 28th (7:00 to 9:30pm)

at the Morpheus Rehearsal Centre
3512 – 5th Avenue NW
(lower level of the Parkdale Community Centre)
Click here for a Google Map.

Callbacks, if required, will take place on Tuesday July 4th from 7:00 to 9:30pm.

Rehearsals will take place from the end of July through September 21st.  Rehearsals will be Sunday afternoons, Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Morpheus Theatre requires that auditioners come prepared to commit to the rehearsal and performance schedule.

Call 403-246-2999 or send an e-mail for more info.

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