A Pantomime by Charlotte Nixon
Directed by Sean Anderson
At the Pumphouse Theatre December 7th to 15th, 2018

Her Majesty, the gorgeous – but oh so evil! – Queen, has tasked us with telling you that you really shouldn’t miss this show. In fact, she demands that you, all of your family and all of your friends, attend the show – at least once – and that you enjoy your opportunity to bask in her brilliance. We at Morpheus Theatre would like to tell you that there will be all sorts of other delightful characters for you to meet as well, like the darling Snow White, some cosmically charged mushrooms, a dedicated Squirrel brigade and yes, the loveable Seven Dwarves. It’s time, once again, for some holiday, pantomime fun! Oh yes it is! It’s the story you know, brilliantly adapted for merriment, mirth and a Dame, by local playwright, Charlotte Nixon. We do hope we’ll see you at the show. The Queen has decreed it after all, so you probably shouldn’t risk the wrath. So very evil.


The Queen (Female, Late 30s to ageless)
Our beautiful and misunderstood Queen. Needs to be able to encourage the audience to boo and hiss, and eventually feel sympathy for her character.

Snow White (Female, 18-20s)
Our beautiful protagonist. Would prefer to be studying her books and exploring the forest rather than fighting off admirers. Makes friends with everyone she meets.

Flapper (Male, 30s-50s)
Snow White’s faithful companion. The Dame of our Pantomime. Daydreams a bit too much.

Mirror (Open, 20s-40s)
The Narrator of our story. Despite being able to see the future has a positive outlook on life. At times nervous, but can stand up to the Queen.

Prince Charming (Male, 18-20s)
Physically pleasing on the eyes, and enjoys his own reflection. Voted most unlikely to have a deep conversation about anything other than himself.

Snapper (Open, 20s-40s)
Charming’s sidekick. Tries in vain to talk sense into the Prince.

The Huntsmen (Open, 20s-30s)
Ed, Ned & Ted. The strong and fierce hunters that bicker like brothers. A comic trio, that have more confidence than they should.

The Mushrooms (Open, 20s-50s)
Fungal & Fungi. Inspired by hippies, this comic duo may have been partaking a little ahead of the legalization date.

The Squirrels (Open, 20s-50s, Squeaker may be younger)
Chief Chip, Calvin, Sam, Theo & baby Squeaker. Members of a search and rescue team, the Squirrels are here to help, with a little military precision.

The Dwarves (Open, 20s-50s)
Cheery, Jumpy, Bossy, Mellow, Helpful, Hungry and Dave.
Small in Stature, but not necessarily so, as we are looking for dwarves of all heights. This famous group is always on the lookout for their next practical joke.

Some roles may be doubled.

Audition Requirements:

  • A prepared comedic monologue to highlight your abilities (approximately two minutes)
  • A prepared song in any style that best shows off your voice. No matter what style of music you choose to sing bring your best character performance to your audition song!
  • Bring your music on an MP3 player with a regular 1/8″ headphone connection or your own speaker; There will be no accompanist.
  • A cold read may be requested
  • Please bring your resume and headshot to the audition

Not a traditional actor?  That is okay, get in touch with us and we will find a way for you to showcase what you have to offer.

Open auditions for all roles will take place:

  • Sunday Sept 16th (1:00 to 4:00pm)
  • Tuesday Sept 18th (7:00 to 9:30pm)
  • Thursday Sept 20th (7:00 to 9:30pm)

at the Morpheus Rehearsal Centre
3512 – 5th Avenue NW
(lower level of the Parkdale Community Centre)
Click here for a Google Map.

Callbacks, if required, will take place on Saturday September 22nd from 1:00 to 4:00pm.

Rehearsals will take place from Sept 25th through Dec 6th.  Rehearsals will be Saturday Afternoons, Tuesday and Thursday evenings until October 11th, after which rehearsals will be Saturday Afternoons, Monday and Thursday evenings. Morpheus Theatre requires that auditioners come prepared to commit to the rehearsal and performance schedule.

Call 403-246-2999 or send an e-mail for more info.

Choose an available Audition Time:

Sunday September 16
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Tuesday September 18
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Thursday September 20
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