OUTDOORS and ONLINE June 17 – 27, 2021

By W.S. Gilbert and Sir Arthur Sullivan
Music Direction by Winnifred Hume
Directed by Paige Fossheim

Can you sue someone for breaking off an engagement? In Gilbert and Sullivan’s courtroom farce Trial by Jury, it’s a very serious crime!

The fickle defendant, Edwin, has fallen in love with another woman and has jilted the plaintiff, the beautiful Angelina. This delightfully ludicrous one-act is a bite-sized portion of Gilbert and Sullivan’s signature witty lyrics, catchy tunes, and ridiculous plotlines.


April 28 –The Meisner Approach: Awakening Authentic Performance with Sally Cacic

Participants will be led to the Meisner Technique through a series of short improvised and scripted exercises, designed to awaken authentic and vulnerable performance within the actor.

Whether pursuing stage, film, or television mediums, the Meisner exercises allow actors to tap into their authentic and intrinsic needs in order to drive their performance deeper; to live “truthfully under the imaginary circumstances, moment to unanticipated moment.

Suggested Cost: $25 (PWYC available – please contact Morpheus Theatre)

Workshops presented at this low cost in the spirit of community theatre.

More Workshops coming – stay tuned for a variety of online workshops!


In conjunction with auditions for our June 2021 operetta Trial by Jury, Morpheus Theatre was pleased to hold a fun singing competition to encourage an interest in the music of Gilbert & Sullivan, promote individual artists that have not had a leading musical theatre role (outside of school or an educational program), and potentially win a spot in our production of Trial by Jury.

Competition entries were due March 22nd, with the shortlist (Round one) announced on March 27th.  Round two videos were presented April 3rd, and saw the elimination of our first competitor.  The final videos (Round three) were presented April 10th, along with the crowning of our first So You Think You Can Sing G&S champion – Lisa Hoffart.

Catch the whole series HERE

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