By Gilbert and Sullivan
Directed by Paige Fossheim, Music Direction by Stefanie Barnfather, Choreography by Karen Iwanski
At the Pumphouse Theatre May 1 to 16, 2020

Strike up the band for one of Gilbert and Sullivan’s most beloved operettas! The Pirates of Penzance combines whimsy, light-hearted satire and piratical characters with stirring music, including the iconic “Major-General’s Song”. This is the play that cemented the comic-pirate theme in popular culture, a theme that has lasted through more than a century and spawned countless movies and novels. Jam-packed with sentimental, swashbuckling pirates, a completely dotty Major General and a bumbling bunch of hopeless but hilarious policemen, what could possibly go wrong?  To add to the topsy-turvy nature of G&S, Morpheus will be flipping the genders of all your favourite characters.


Frederique (Female, 18-25, D4-Ab5 Soprano)
Needs to be a good mover for some dance sequences.
Young, feminine, genuine and innocent. She is funny because she is so sincerely trying to do the honorable thing. She is energetic, out-going & honest.

Abel (Male, approximately 18-25 to match Frederique, D3-Db5 Countertenor)
Doesn’t strictly need to dance, but move reasonably, be light on his feet.
Needs an out-front, natural expressive voice with excellent diction. He is sweet and innocent but still needs good comedic timing.

Pirate Queen (Female, age open, F#3-D#5 Alto)
Needs to be very athletic and a good mover for some dance sequences.
She is funny precisely because she means it – good comedic timing needed. She is confident and a strong presence, deserving of the title Pirate Queen.

Major General Stanley (Female, 50+, Bb3-F5 Mezzo-soprano)
Abel’s Mother. She must be vivid, with warmth & good humour and be quirky but believable. Excellent diction and articulation important.

Rick (Male, 45-60, G2-F#4 Baritone)
Needs to be a good mover and energetic. Comedic timing important. Rick’s character undergoes a transition from nurse maid to Pirate with the change being quite obvious.

Samantha (Female, age open, Eb3-F5 Contralto)
The Pirate Queen’s right hand woman. Has a little dialogue and some solo singing.

Sergeant of Police (Female, age open, G3-E5 Mezzo-soprano)
Comedic role – leader of a band of scaredy cats who want to appear brave. Can be portrayed as somewhat of a ‘bumbling’ or clumsy character. Needs to be a good mover, preferably a good dancer.

Edward, Chris, Isaac (Male, ages open, Ab2-E4 Baritone)
Need to be able to move well Abel’s brothers, each with a unique personality. Big legitimate voices. Strong, vivid characters.

Chorus of Sons (Male identifying, 35 and under, all voice types)
Abel’s brothers, each with a unique personality

Chorus of Pirates (Female identifying, variety of ages needed, all voice types)
An assorted band of lassies who love & serve their Pirate Queen

Chorus of Police (Any Gender, variety of ages, all voice types)
All police will need to be fairly good movers for dance sequences.
Female identifying Police will perform as Pirates in Act I. Male identifying Police will be cast for various supporting roles for Act I.

People of all genders {and races, abilities, etc…} are encouraged to audition. We only ask you fulfill the vocal requirements of the character you intend to audition for.

Audition Requirements:

  • A prepared song to highlight your vocal abilities (approximately 2 minutes long, not from The Pirates of Penzance)
    • Auditioners will need to provide their own music track.  Please email your music at least 48 hours prior to your audition to  It is recommended that you also bring your music on an MP3 player. A capella auditions are also welcome.
  • A prepared comedic monologue to highlight your abilities (no more than two minutes in length)
  • A cold read may be requested
  • You may be asked for a range check
  • Please bring your resume and headshot to the audition

Not a traditional actor?  That’s okay, get in touch with us and we will find a way for you to showcase what you have to offer.

Open auditions for all roles will take place:

  • Tuesday January 7th (7:00 to 9:30pm)
  • Thursday January 9th (7:00 to 9:30pm)
  • Sunday January 12th (1:00 to 4:00pm)

at the Morpheus Rehearsal Centre
3512 – 5th Avenue NW
(lower level of the Parkdale Community Centre)
Click here for a Google Map.

Callbacks, if required, will take place on Tuesday January 14th from 7:00 to 10:00pm.

Rehearsals will take place from January 26th through April 30th.  Rehearsals will be Sunday Afternoons, Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Morpheus Theatre requires that auditioners come prepared to commit to the rehearsal and performance schedule.

If you have any questions, or have any troubles booking an audition time online, please call 403-246-2999 or send an e-mail.  If all of the audition spots are filled, please feel free to come down during the audition period, and we will add you to the schedule.

Choose an available Audition Time:

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Sunday January 12
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