January 26th to February 10th, 2018
By Ron Bernas
Directed by Dan Gibbins

They say that New Year’s Resolutions, that most time-honoured tradition, are doomed to fail. People throw themselves enthusiastically at a lofty goal; this year they will cut out sugar completely, learn a new language by July, quit smoking, or finally write their novel. It doesn’t matter that their outline has the page count skyrocketing – it has been resolved! And on the glitziest, tipsiest of nights too! It can’t possibly fail. So, what happens when Matthew Perry, husband to Julia, father to Bunny, resolves that before the clock strikes midnight one year from now, he will have murdered his wife? Well, she laughs hysterically for a moment before vowing that she will make passionate love to their butler and then they go off to host their party. What this new year brings is laugh after laugh, body after body (not Julia’s…Matthew isn’t very good at this), and a bona fide gumshoe, who probably couldn’t buy gum. Or a shoe. Join us for a new year full of comedy, mystery, marriage (maybe) and falling in love all over again!

Production Crew
ProducerSean Anderson
DirectorDan Gibbins
Assistant DirectorKurt Archer
Stage ManagerDaisy Pond
Assistant Stage ManagerSarah Andrechuk
Set Design & ConstructionBill Brown
Properties & Set DécorSharon Olsen
Costume DesignerMichelle Leblanc
Lighting DesignJody Low
Sound DesignLuke Moar
Matthew PerryScottie Grinton
Julia PerryLeanne Melathopolous
ButtramMartin Kirkley
Bunny PerryErin Weir
DonaldJon Martin
PlotnickChristopher Ford