Morpheus Theatre is pleased to announce the cast of The Yeomen of the Guard

Sir Richard Cholmondeley – George Thomson
Colonel Fairfax – Kassandra Schantz
Sergeant Meryll – Joel Mcleish
Leonard Meryll – Alexander Dayson
Jack Point – Ginette Simonot
Wilfred Shadbolt – Aaron Bartholomew
Phoebe Meryll – Evangeline Mably
Elsie Maynard – Devon Wannop
Dame Carruthers – Danica Powersmith
Kate – Skye McNeill

Dave Burhoe
Terry Chung
Amber Dujay
Alexa Jobs
Wendy Knight
Alicia Maedel
Adanna Nawalkowski
Gianluca Pedreschi
Rose Reimer
Ed Washington
Derek Wilkinson
Alexandra Woodley

Thank you to all the wonderful actors and actresses that came out to audition.