April 28 – May 13, 2017
By W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan
Directed by Kelly Reay*

Love. So beautiful. So musical. So complicated. Although forbidden by fairy law, Iolanthe marries a mortal and is then banished from fairyland. Here in our human world, she bears a son; a lovely lad named Strephon, who falls head over heels and wants to marry Phyllis, who is, of course, desired by all the members of the House of Peers. When Phyllis sees Strephon embrace Iolanthe, who is ethereal and lovely, she doesn’t stop for one moment to consider she might be Strephon’s mother and sets in motion a musical clash between politicians and fairies, sending everyone tripping hither, tripping thither – we did mention love can be complicated – it’s an energetic, satirical journey to the finale. Off and away to get your tickets! We’ll see you in Spring for this, the seventh of fourteen collaborations by W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan.

Production Crew
ProducerSean Anderson
DirectorKelly Reay*
Musical DirectorCarey Unger
ChoreographerKaren Iwanski
Choreography AssistantLaura-Gene Fairchild
Stage ManagerTroy Couillard
AccompanistMike Jarzecki
Set Design & ConstructionBrendan French
Properties & Set DécorDenise Lewington
Costume DesignerChristie Johnson
Hair & Makeup DesignerTBD
Lighting DesignLauren Acheson
Board OperatorTrevor Somers
IolantheGinette Simonot
PhyllisWinnifred Hume
StephonJanos Zeller
Queen of the FairiesTracy Smith
CeliaJocelyn Jay
FletaNicole Dickinson
The Lord ChancellorSteve Hansen Smythe
Lord MountararatStuart Lloyd
Lord TollollerKyle Gould
Private WillisBill Ouellet
Dave BurhoeSuzanne Berg
Gad Ittay GijonLaura-Gene Fairchild
Kurt MarkusonMichelle Leblanc
Cameron RossRose Reimer
David SchnetkampChelsea Shortall
George ThompsonElaine Torrie
Felix YoderMichelle Yoder

* The participation of these Artists are arranged by permission of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association under the provisions of the Dance Opera Theatre Policy.