Trial By Jury

By W.S. Gilbert and Sir Arthur Sullivan
Music Direction by Winnifred Hume
Directed by Paige Fossheim
Presented OUTDOORS and ONLINE June 17 – 27, 2021

Can you sue someone for breaking off an engagement? In Gilbert and Sullivan’s courtroom farce Trial by Jury, it’s a very serious crime! The fickle defendant, Edwin, has fallen in love with another woman and has jilted the plaintiff, the beautiful Angelina. Unfortunately for Edwin, all of the members of the jury (and the judge) have fallen for Angelina themselves. Edwin proposes that in order to solve the conflict, he “marry this lady today and the other tomorrow,” which, naturally, Angelina objects to. This delightfully ludicrous one-act is a bite-sized portion of Gilbert and Sullivan’s signature witty lyrics, catchy tunes, and ridiculous plotlines. Unlike most Gilbert and Sullivan shows, there is no spoken dialogue.

Production Crew
ProducerColleen Bishop
Musical DirectorWinnifred Hume
DirectorPaige Fossheim
Stage ManagerElizabeth Schieman
Assistant Stage ManagerDavid Young
AccompanistMike Jarzecki
Costume DesignerChristie Johnson
Properties and Running CrewMike Johnson
Sound OperatorGad Gijon
Running CrewAtreya NIttala
Running CrewPeter Warne
Running CrewTravis Woodward
Running CrewMichael Armstrong
Videographer & EditingJared Eves
The Learned JudgeGeorge Thomson
The Plaintiff, AngelinaGinette Simonot
The Defendant, EdwinKyle Gould
Counsel for the PlaintiffTracy Smith
UsherAustin Arnaldo
Foreman of the JuryAaron Bartholomew
JuryAdam Arnold
JuryDavid Hume
First BridesmaidEvangeline Mably
BridesmaidLisa Hoffart
BridesmaidAlicia Maedel
BridesmaidDanica Power-Smith