Voice Lessons at the Morpheus Rehearsal Centre!

Voice Lessons at Parkdale Community Centre
Voice lessons in a convenient location for the Morpheus Theatre and Parkdale community!

Introducing Julie Pearson, MMSt, Vocal Coach
Julie has been teaching voice lessons for 15 years and has been performing for over 25 years. Her passion is to teach functional technique for contemporary singers (pop, rock, folk, musical theatre, gospel), assisting singers in reaching their vocal potential.  With the rise of reality singing TV show and the increasing media coverage of singers with vocal health issues, Julie seeks to promote healthy vocal techniques that free the voice and allow the singer to sing what they love with confidence and awareness.

Julie holds a Master of Music Studies in Contemporary Vocal Pedagogy (2011) from the Queensland Conservatory, Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia.  She studied with Dr. Irene Bartlett and graduated with High Distinction, receiving the Griffith Award for Academic Excellence.  She is also certified with Somatic Voicework (sm) The LoVetri Method, with the CCM Institute at Shenandoah University, Winchester, Virginia (completed July 2015).  SVW is a body-based method of vocal training for contemporary singers.

Julie has training in both classical and contemporary styles and has worked with singers of all ages (9-75!) and a variety of singing goals including general vocal improvement, preparation for auditions, studio recordings and weddings, musical theatre, band singers, singer/songwriters, and church worship singers.

Lessons begin at $35.  For more information, please visit www.jpvocalstudio.com or contact Julie at 403-813-7523

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