Cast of Princess Ida announced

Morpheus Theatre is pleased to announce the cast of our production of Princess Ida.

Princess Ida – Devon Bauer
Prince Hilarion – Janos Zeller
King Hildebrand – George Thomson
Lady Psyche – Win Hume
Melissa – Ginette Simonot
King Gama – Gary Silberg
Scynthius – David Schnetkamp
Arac – Bryan Weir
Guron – Gad Gijon
Lady Blanche – Meghan Goguen
Cyril – Kyle Gould
Florian – Aaron Bartholomew
Ada – Elizabeth Harrison
Sacharissa – Michelle Leblanc
Chloe – Alicia Maedel

Female Ensemble:
Linda Dang
Amber Dujay
Olivia Fitzsimmons
Sydney Norgaard
Jess Parker
Jane Phillips
Danielle Renton
Christine Reynolds
Joelle Rondeau
Tamara Wilton

Male Ensemble:
Dave Burhoe
Ben Coburger
Dennis Daly
David Grof
Ed Washington

Thank you to everyone who came out for the auditions.