Cast of Miracle on 34th Street Announced

Morpheus Theatre is pleased to announce the cast of our 25th season Christmas production – Miracle on 34th Street.

Kris Kringle – Luigino Savoia
Doris Walker – Susan Rowland
Fred Gailey – Graeme Black
Susan Walker – Aurora b.C. Donev
Shellhammer – Lisette Allan
Albert Sawyer/Lou the Postman – Chris Gibson
R. H. Macy/Sydney Stewart – Dave Sandy
Dr. Pierce/Photographer – Laura-Gene Fairchild
Bloomingdale – Denise Vaile
Judge Henry Harper – David Young
Ms. Mara/Photographer – Kat Aaron
Finlay/Photographer – Jess Parker
Charlie Halloran /Elf – Alana Gowdy
Al the Postman/Duncan/Drunken Santa – Brent Lowenberg
Rich Person/Foster Mother/Elf/Pedestrian – Autumn T. Dang
Bag Lady/Sharon’s Parent/Elf/Pedestrian – Michelle Summers
Jonny’s Parent/Elf – Suzanne Berg
Mara, Jr./Megan – Marley Gordos
Sharon/Child – Clara Sandy
Jonny/Child – Sydney Ball
Dutch Girl – Indianna Gordos

Thank you to everyone who came out for the auditions.