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September 25th to October 3rd, 2015
By Arthur Miller
Directed by Mike Johnson

This is a story about dreams and reality and the vast chasm that can exist between the two. It is about the drive to success no matter the cost, success as defined by someone else as Willy Loman pushes to be everything to everyone. He strives to be the perfect employee, racking up sales and making the company money, the perfect husband, providing for his wife and family and the perfect father, idolized by his two sons. But the face beneath the mask is seldom as bright and untouchable as projected and Willy is tired and confused. The world he built is crumbling and reality is peeking in through the cracks. This is Miller’s masterpiece, a Pulitzer prize winning play – tragic and raw, at once sweet and sad, our season opener brings this classic to life to explore its lives, themes and its dreams; all of which are still relevant and present in our own today.

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