Cast of Beauty and the Beast announced

Morpheus Theatre is pleased to announce the cast of our 23rd season pantomime – Beauty and the Beast.

Felix – Leo Tucker
Jacques – Kaeleb Zain Gartner
Capucine – Layla Ainsley
Malabelle – Susan Rowland
Ma – Duane R.K. Jones
Beauty – Ellie Enderl
Prince / Beast – Jason Bakaas
Aimee – Karma Adsison
Remy – Mitchell Bauer

Lisette Allan
Anne-Marie Cotton
Nicole Dickinson
Kherby Dorcely
Gad Ittay Gijon
Eva Graham-McNeill
Esther Kapinga
Sara Mattsson
Bill Ouellet
Rose Reimer
Alex Ruelle
Heather Skulski
Grayson Smith

Thank you to everyone who came out for the auditions.

Cast of Moon Over Buffalo Announced

Morpheus Theatre is pleased to announce the cast of our 23rd season opener – Moon Over Buffalo.

George Hay – Ron Gregory
Charlotte Hay – Elizabeth Greenwood
Ethel – Sandy Lucas
Rosalind “Roz” Hay- Chelsea Friesen
Eileen – Hannah Stobbe
Howard – Lucas Seeger
Paul – David Hume
Richard – Wayne Hunter

Thank you to everyone who came out for the auditions.

Announcing Morpheus Theatre’s 2017/2018 Season

Announcing Morpheus Theatre’s 2017/2018 Season

Join us for our TWENTY-THIRD SEASON of Shows Worth Seeing. Click the link to Download the Season Ticket Form.

Show times are Wednesday to Saturday at 7:30pm.  Weekend matinees are at 2:00pm.
All performances are at the Pumphouse Theatre, 2140 Pumphouse Avenue SW



September 22nd to 30th, 2017
By Ken Ludwig
Directed by Mike Johnson

What goes up must come down. It’s true of all things in this world, including the roller coaster that is show biz fame and fortune. George and Charlotte Hay are at a low point in their ride, running two shows in rep and losing parts to rivals. But then – hold the curtain, folks – they hear that Frank Capra is coming to their matinee and if he likes what he sees, it could mean a movie deal and a trip back up the star-studded rails and into to the spotlight once again! It’s the chance of a lifetime! Everything has to be perfect! So naturally, everything goes completely wrong. How could it not when you have a desperate and dramatic couple, several doors, the well-meaning, but clueless fiancé of George and Charlotte’s daughter, and a somewhat deaf stage manager who happens to also be George’s mother-in-law? It’s farce, pure and simple, lively and hilarious and we hope you’ll join us for the ride.



December 8th to 16th, 2017
By Ben Crocker
Directed by Michelle Brandenburg

The childhood classic you have come to love; a tale of finding love where you least expect it, about seeing with your heart, complete with a needy witch, some animated furniture and a poodle. Our holiday panto is back – oh yes, it is! – and it’s fun for your whole family. When her mother trespasses and takes a rose from the Beast’s garden, Rose, a.k.a. Beauty, is forced to go live in the castle with the Beast, who hopes that she will be the one to break the curse laid upon him by the clingy, magic-slinging Malabelle. Will Beauty come to love him, despite his ugliness? Will they have a happily ever after? Anything is possible, but they must make their way through beloved panto tropes, musical numbers and some cheesey jokes first, but that’s all part of the charm of panto! We think they’ll make it. After all, what is it they say? Love will find a way! Oh yes, it will!



January 26th to February 10th, 2018
By Ron Bernas
Directed by Dan Gibbins

They say that New Year’s Resolutions, that most time-honoured tradition, are doomed to fail. People throw themselves enthusiastically at a lofty goal; this year they will cut out sugar completely, learn a new language by July, quit smoking, or finally write their novel. It doesn’t matter that their outline has the page count skyrocketing – it has been resolved! And on the glitziest, tipsiest of nights too! It can’t possibly fail. So, what happens when Matthew Perry, husband to Julia, father to Bunny, resolves that before the clock strikes midnight one year from now, he will have murdered his wife? Well, she laughs hysterically for a moment before vowing that she will make passionate love to their butler and then they go off to host their party. What this new year brings is laugh after laugh, body after body (not Julia’s…Matthew isn’t very good at this), and a bona fide gumshoe, who probably couldn’t buy gum. Or a shoe. Join us for a new year full of comedy, mystery, marriage (maybe) and falling in love all over again!



April 27th to May 12th, 2018
By W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan
Directed by Sean Anderson

Friends, theatre lovers, patter aficionados – the famous ship has docked at the Pumphouse Theatre once more. Join the Captain, the Admiral, dear little Buttercup, and of course, all the sisters, all the cousins and the aunts for a visit to the HMS Pinafore! A musical farce, and a beloved favourite of the creative team, Gilbert and Sullivan, HMS Pinafore is a love story, a lesson in rank and in the proper ways of things, as well as how to stand up for the desires of the heart. With a smattering of mistaken identity, a patter song that rivals the trickiest of tongue twisters and enough joy and rapture to go around, this nautical caper will have you singing along, or at the very least, chiming in with three cheers, and one cheer more – save the date for HMS Pinafore!


G&S Junior Theatre School Program

Returning for a 7th Season. Classes start mid-October
Junior Class: ages 9 to 12 years Senior Class: ages 13 to 17 years

Cast of Iolanthe announced

Morpheus Theatre is pleased to announce the cast of Gilbert & Sullivan’s Iolanthe.

Iolanthe: Ginette Simonot
Phyllis: Winnifred Hume
Strephon: Janos Zeller
Queen of the Fairies: Tracy Smith
Celia: Jocelyn Jay
Lelia: Brianne Nielson
Fleta: Nicole Dickinson
The Lord Chancellor: Steve Hansen Smythe
Lord Mountararat: Stuart Lloyd
Lord Tolloller: Kyle Gould
Private Willis: Bill Ouelette

Dave Burhoe
Gad Gijon
Michelle Leblanc
Kurt Markuson
Charlotte Murray
Rose Reimer
Cameron Ross
David Schnetkamp
Chelsea Shortall
George Thomson
Elaine Torrie
Felix Yoder
Michelle Yoder

Thank you to everyone who came out for the auditions.

Cast of Skin Flick Announced

Morpheus Theatre is pleased to announce the cast of Skin Flick.

Rollie Waters: Scottie Grinton
Daphne Waters: Wendy Froberg
Alex Tratt: Mark Lyndon
Jill: Jennifer L
Byron Hobbs: Matthew Hall

Thank you to everyone who came out for the auditions.

Cast of It’s a Wonderful Life announced

Morpheus Theatre is pleased to announce the cast of It’s a Wonderful Life.

George Bailey: Mike Sornberger
Mary Hatch: Paige Fossheim
Clarence Oddbody: Cesar Salvater
Mr Potter: Bob Corrigan
Uncle Billy: TBD
Ma Bailey: Michele Barrett
Harry Bailey: Spencer Schroh
Mr Gower: George Thomson
Violet Bick: Stefanie Lis
Cousin Tilly: Susan Soprovich
Cousin Eunice: Shannon Beshara
Ernie: TBD
Bert: David Young
Ruth Daiken: Brianne Nielsen
Sam Wainwright: TBD
Potter’s Assistant: Monica Skrukwa
Ensemble: Lisette Allan
Ensemble: Nicole Dickinson
Ensemble: Jill Howell-Fellows
Ensemble: Janine Kulbida
Ensemble: Dave Sandy
Ensemble: Veronique Tomlinson
Ensemble: Grace Van Bakel
Young George/Pete: Gabriel Barrett
Young Mary/Janie: Jasmine Nagy
Young Harry/Tommy: Lucian-River Mirage Chauhan
Zuzu Bailey/children of town: Annika Yip
Young Sam/children of town: Grayson Smith
Young Violet/children of town: Karma Addison

Thank you to everyone who came out for the auditions.

At this time, we are still seeking men to fill a few remaining roles. If you are interested, please email

Cast of Sullivan & Gilbert announced

Morpheus Theatre is pleased to announce the cast of Ken Ludwig’s Sullivan & Gilbert.

William S Gilbert – Mike Johnson
Sir Arthur Sullivan – Stuart Lloyd
Richard D’Oyle Carte – Bob Corrigan
Kitty Gilbert – Elaine Torrie
Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh – James Noonan
Violet Russell – Jennifer Michaud
Francois Cellier / Accompanist – Ian Robertson
George Grossmith – Steve Hansen Smythe
Rutland Barrington – Gary Silberg
Durward Lely – Kyle Gould
Courtice Pounds – Carey Unger
Rosina Brandram – Tracy Smith
Jessie Bond – Jennifer Wolsey
Sybil Grey – Winnifred Hume
Men’s Chorus – Gad Ittay Gijon
Men’s Chorus – Cameron Ross
Ladies Chorus – Kathleen Copland
Ladies Chorus – Brianne Nielsen

Thank you to everyone who came out for the auditions.

Cast of The Dinner Party announced

Morpheus Theatre is pleased to announce the cast of Neil Simon’s The Dinner Party.

Andre – Graeme Frank Edward Black
Gabrielle – Michelle Brandenburg
Claude – Luke Foster
Albert – Dorin McIntosh
Mariette – Leanne Melathopolous
Yvonne – Ginette Simonot

Thank you to everyone who came out for the auditions.

Read more about the show here:

Cast of The Sleeping Beauty Announced

Morpheus Theatre is pleased to announce the cast of our December pantomime – The Sleeping Beauty.

BILLY – Riley Galarneau
KING NORBERT – Dale Hirlehey
PRINCESS AURORA – Chantal Brosseau
PRINCE ORLANDO – Erika Rogstad
CARABOSSE – Thalia Altura
KITTY – Heather Berg
FAIRY GRACEFUL – Michelle LeBlanc

Chorus of Palace Servants, Courtiers, Zombies, Villagers…and more.
Lisette Allan
Thea Allan
Josh Bailey
Leah Hohman
Jillian O’Connell
Ryan Patterson
Gary Silberg
Grayson Smith
Josie Smith
George Thomson

Thank you to everyone who came out for the auditions.