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The Pirates! The Pirates! They are Here!

Spring is coming, and so are our next 2 shows!

The Cast of The Pirates of Penzance announced

Morpheus Theatre is pleased to announce the cast of our production of The Pirates of Penzance.

Major-General Stanley – Winnifred Hume
The Pirate Queen – Ginette Simonot
Samantha (her Lieutenant) – Ashleigh McAllister
Frederique (the Pirate Apprentice) – Evangeline Mably
Sergeant of Police – Aaron Bartholomew
Abel (General Stanley’s Ward) – Kyle Gould
General Stanley’s Wards (Issac, Charles, Edward)
Lilou Ferron
Gianluca Pedreschi
Darren Devakumar
Rick (a Pirate Maid) – George Thomson

Suzanne Berg
Kenzie Bye
Mary Madelaine
Alicia Maedel
Kate Power
Adrianna Rabeda
Clara Sandy
Kaaya Wiens

Pirates & Police:
Amber Dujay
Indianna Gordos
Lisa Hoffart

Dave Burhoe
Ed Washington
Derek Wilkinson

General Stanley’s Wards:
Terry Chung
Marlee Ferron
David Kampel
Bryan Weir

Thank you to everyone who came out for the auditions.

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